Call for applications to

H.A.L.D. 2016
[Housing Authors & Literature, Denmark]

The Danish Centre for Writers and Translators has the pleasure of being able to offer a working residency in the buildings on the beautiful grounds of Hald Hovedgaard, near the town of Viborg, in the period of June 1 to June 27, 2016.

Four foreign* authors and a number of Danish authors (four at a time) will gather for this period in a writing-conducive environment, where they will have the opportunity to work undistracted in an inspiring literary atmosphere.

This working residency is available to foreign authors who as a sole author have had at least two books of fiction or poetry published.

The authors who are chosen to attend the H.A.L.D. programme will stay for almost four weeks at Hald Hovedgaard (Hald Manor House), an unusual and old house located in the beautiful environment of Hald lake and Dollerup Hills.

Besides plenty of time for writing the residency stay at Hald Hovedgaard includes informal socializing: e.g. drinking coffee, cooking food and talking in the kitchen or resting on the terrace in the summer. For the H.A.L.D. 2016 the subtitle "Writer's Colony" has been added and this serves to highlight that a new emphasis has been put on the meeting of authors. As something new in the programme this year will schedule weekly common meals and excursions with both the foreign and Danish writers. A public reading is a part of the programme, too.

And as with all authors who have stayed at Hald Hovedgaard, the authors who are accepted for H.A.L.D.’s residence programme are obliged to submit a short report on their stay after their residency is completed. And they are obliged to send a copy of their work-in-progress to Hald Hovedgaard when it is completed and published.

Besides personal information and a list of publications
the application should contain a short explanation of your motivation for attending this international summer residence programme, as well as a short description of the project that you plan to be working on during your stay.

Application form in either word format or pdf-format is to be used for the application (word version here and pdf here).

Applicants are welcome to attach up to a five-page sample of a work-in-progress, but this is optional.

Applications must be in English.

Applications are to be sent to Hald Hovedgaard’s director, Peter Q. Rannes, at

NB! Deadline
for applications from authors from abroad is 21. Februray, 2016.

Applicants can expect a reply 2-3 weeks after the deadline.

The four chosen authors will receive a refund of up to DKK 4,000 (DKK 8.000 overseas) for travel expenses and will receive a sum of DKK 5,000 to cover other expenses, such as food, travel insurance, health insurance and possibly visa fee.

H.A.L.D. 2016 [Housing Authors & Literature, Denmark] is made possible by financial support by The Danish Arts Foundation's "General Fund - Literature".

* Authors of all nationalities are welcome, but Nordic speaking authors are referred to our normal residency program.